Spending tax payer dollars is a responsibility I take seriously. Over the last eight years, we have had to make some difficult and painful decisions together. I am proud of the record we have had in balancing the budget and providing needed services to our residents.


There is nothing more important than providing safe and secure neighborhoods. I am especially proud of the fact that over the last eight years both violent crime and property crime has decreased in the City of Bremerton. I will continue to make public safety my highest concern in office.


I am committed to having our city grow in a responsible way. Now that our economy is on the rebound, we have the opportunity to provide livable wage jobs and a higher quality of life for our residents. Last year I started a “Move to Bremerton” campaign to lure Seattle employees to move to our city. Within the next two years, we will have more than 1,000 new housing units built in Bremerton. This allows us to spread the tax base and rebuild our parks and roads in a responsible way.


The heart and soul of every city is in its neighborhoods. From Manette to Ridel and Perry Avenue to West Park, our neighborhoods are rich in history and community activism. It’s what makes Bremerton so special! I will continue to keep our neighborhoods on the top of my priority list.